In Texas, the spouse, parent, or child of a person whose life was lost as a result of another’s conduct may be able to file a wrongful death action against the at-fault party. There are particular “grounds” that apply, which are situations that would grant a spouse, parent, or child the legal right to file suit.

The potential grounds for wrongful death actions in Texas include:

  • Wrongful acts, which may include intentional conduct that leads to another’s death. For example, intentionally striking someone with a vehicle or racing on a highway, which causes a fatal accident, may be a wrongful act that would provide grounds for a lawsuit.
  • Neglect, defined as a failure to care for properly, is another potential grounds for wrongful death actions. An example may be a person who does not maintain the brakes on his vehicle and is unable to stop when needed, causing a fatal rear-end accident.
  • Carelessness occurs when a person does not show proper care or is negligent. A driver who simply fails to look over his or her shoulder before making a lane change could be said to be careless, and this driver could be held accountable if this actions cause another’s death in a car accident.
  • Unskillfulness may also provide grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit in Texas. This is a lack of skill or training that leads to incompetence in a certain action or subject. An inexperienced driver who causes a car accident could be sued for a wrongful death.
  • Default refers to situations involving strict liability, where a party is held accountable for another’s death regardless of specific intent or negligence. An example is the manufacturer of a defective auto part that causes a fatal collision. The manufacturer could be held strictly liable for this accident.

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