Helping Texas Accident Victims Maximize Their Recoveries

Pursuing maximum recovery for an injury will be tough for you and your loved ones if you do it alone, but the insurance company will meet its match with The Lowenberg Law Firm on your side. For nearly two decades, our Houston personal injury attorneys have provided trusted legal guidance for personal injury victims throughout Texas.

The process of filing an insurance claim or pursuing a personal injury lawsuit can be challenging if you have never been through it before. Not only that, but we are aware of what you, as a victim, might face in the aftermath of your accident. Because of that, we know what it takes to get through it and come out victorious on the other side.

The right personal injury attorney should make you feel comfortable calling them anytime you need them, and confident that you have someone to turn to during difficult times. At The Lowenberg Law Firm, we provide that for our clients and more.

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Our approach is extensive. We meet with our clients’ doctors. We meet with police officers. We meet with eye witnesses. We recreate scenes of collisions. In short, we devote extensive amounts of time and resources to creating a case that effectively fights for maximum compensation on your behalf.

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