In our legal practice at the Lowenberg Law Firm, one of the most important things we stress to motorcycle accident victims is the importance of medical treatment. If you’re involved in a collision, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. You also need to follow your physician’s treatment plan to ensure the best possible recovery, and you need to keep records of all your treatment.

Injured in a motorcycle accident? Take these steps to preserve your health and your right to fair compensation for your injuries:

  • See a doctor. Even if you feel you are not seriously injured or that you can heal without a doctor’s involvement, it is important to seek medical care. Inform your doctor that you were involved in a crash so he or she knows what type of injuries to look for. Motorcyclist injuries can range dramatically in severity depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident. Common injuries include: head trauma, contusions, broken bones, road rash, spinal cord injuries, leg injuries, and joint injuries.
  • Follow your doctor’s orders. After you see your doctor, follow his or her treatment plan as closely as possible. Keep your doctor informed of your progress and don’t be afraid to step forward if new symptoms present. Following your treatment plan and being open and honest about your symptoms is the best way to ensure a speedy recovery.
  • Keep detailed records of your treatment. Keep all documents related to your medical treatment. Keep a calendar of all medical visits. Keeping detailed records can help to support your motorcycle accident claim, providing proof of the injuries you have sustained. If you are to receive full compensation for past and future medical care, your records will be essential to your case.

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